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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Page 365 of 365

365 Reasons Why I Love You
  1. The way I can just be myself
  2. The way you make me smile
  3. The way you smile
  4. The way you look at me
  5. How you tell me I am beautiful no matter what
  6. Your gorgeous eyes
  7. The way you make my heart melt
  8. How you still give me butterflies
  9. How my hand fits perfectly in yours
  10. How cute you are
  11. How you write me poems
  12. How much you show me you care
  13. The fact that you live one street away from me
  14. You allow me to be independent
  15. You encourage me
  16. You make me proud
  17. You make me feel special
  18. You make me feel confident
  19. You make me laugh
  20. You make me laugh even if you aren’t around
  21. The memories we share
  22. How you put up with my moodiness
  23. You put up with me wanting to take a million pictures
  24. How you actually like taking pictures with me
  25. The way you compliment me
  26. The way you touch me
  27. The way you play with my hair
  28. They way you put your arm around me
  29. Our fights
  30. How we can be silly around each other
  31. How we hardly ever fight
  32. The fact that you buy me stuffed animals
  33. The way you light up my life
  34. You keep me warm when I am cold
  35. How you don’t mind my hands and feet always being ice cold
  36. How you don’t care how sweaty or clammy my hands get
  37. How you love all of my imperfections
  38. Yet you still think I am perfect
  39. The way you tell me you love me
  40. How I instantly feel better when I hear your voice
  41. Because you love me with your whole heart
  42. How you act the same around your friends
  43. The way you talk about me to your friends
  44. The way I can’t picture my life without you
  45. How we can talk about marriage and it doesn’t scare you away
  46. The fact that we are already planning our future
  47. When we kiss it feels like our first kiss all over again
  48. How you waited to kiss me until the time was right
  49. That we were each other’s first kiss
  50. How you are taking your time to read each and every one of these
  51. How you are always there for me
  52. The way you are so understanding
  53. The way you care more about me then you care about yourself
  54. How we work at the same place
  55. The way you smell
  56. You make me smile even if I am crying
  57. How you understand me
  58. How I can tell you anything and everything
  59. The way you can keep a secret
  60. How comfortable you make me feel
  61. When I am with you the whole world stops
  62. How you understand my problems
  63. The way you try to help me fix my problems
  64. The way you make me want to be a better person
  65. The way you know me better than I know myself
  66. How loving you comes so naturally
  67. The way you are my everything
  68. How we dedicate songs to each other
  69. The way you act when you lose
  70. How you don’t act all stuck up when you win
  71. The way you hug me
  72. How you promised to never let me go
  73. How afraid you are to lose me
  74. How protective you are
  75. How I know that you are always going to be there for me
  76. You are my best friend
  77. You are my soul mate
  78. How the second you saw me you knew I was the one for you
  79. How sweet you are
  80. How caring you are
  81. How faithful you are
  82. How you find the stupidest things funny
  83. Your laugh
  84. How I act like an idiot and you still love me
  85. The way you make fun of me
  86. The way you are helping me to relive my childhood
  87. The way you laugh when I tickle you
  88. Your outlook on life
  89. Your morals
  90. Your goals
  91. Your achievements
  92. How you actually like being a boy scout
  93. How you would drop your other plans to be with me if I needed you
  94. How you always want to be with me
  95. Your butt
  96. Your legs
  97. Your teeth
  98. Everything about you
  99. How you hate when I can be taller than you
  100. The fact that you are a horrible dancer
  101. The way we cuddle
  102. The fact that I could fall asleep in your arms in the matter of 5 minutes
  103. When I am with you I feel like I am home
  104. How warm you are
  105. How much you love your family
  106. How nice you are
  107. The way you stroke my fingers when we hold hands
  108. The way you scratch my back
  109. Your good morning texts
  110. How we can talk for hours upon hours and never get tired
  111. How we can be with each other every day and never get sick of each other
  112. How it takes us so long to say goodbye
  113. The way you miss me
  114. How you tell me you miss me when you do
  115. How you always share your feelings
  116. How easy you are to talk to
  117. How you will never give up on me
  118. Because you are simply irresistible
  119. Because you bring out the best in me
  120. Your sense of humor
  121. The way you hug me
  122. The way you talk to me
  123. Your passion
  124. The way you breathe
  125. The way being wrapped up in your arms feels
  126. The feeling you give me inside
  127. The sound of your voice
  128. How happy you are
  129. The way you hold my face
  130. How much you love children
  131. The way your eyes soften when you see me
  132. Your honesty
  133. How I know that you’ll never cheat on me
  134. The way I know I am suppose to be with you forever
  135. The way you care about me
  136. The compliments you give me
  137. Those little looks you give me
  138. The way you light up a room when you walk in
  139. How you still have good friends from when you were little
  140. How cute you were when you were little
  141. How much you have taught me about life
  142. How much you have taught me about myself
  143. The way you showed me how to love
  144. How you showed me that there are genuine nice guys out there
  145. You showed me how to have fun
  146. You let me be a kid again
  147. How you never like to read instructions
  148. The way you are by my side
  149. The feeling of security
  150. You give me hope for the future
  151. You give me strength for when I am weak
  152. You always make time for me
  153. You say the cutest things that make me laugh
  154. The way you will never hurt me
  155. The way you see the best in everyone
  156. The way you taught me what true friends really are
  157. I could tell you anything and you wouldn’t think less of me
  158. How patient you are
  159. How you are the first person I want to see when I wake up
  160. How you are the last person I want to see before I go to sleep
  161. The way I don’t picture anybody else in my future but you
  162. The way my arms fit around your waist
  163. How you come up behind me and wrap your arms around me
  164. How I know wherever I go you will be in my heart
  165. The fact that you are still wearing the friendship bracelet I made you
  166. The little things about you that annoy me
  167. The way you respect my decisions
  168. The way you put my feelings first
  169. The way you look at me right before you kiss me
  170. How you like Eskimo kissing
  171. The way you help me out with chores
  172. How you always do anything I ask of you
  173. The way you would go to the moon and back for me if I asked
  174. For letting me help you
  175. For remembering when our anniversaries are
  176. For never pressuring me
  177. For being a good guy in general
  178. For always listening to me
  179. For coming with me to get my nails done
  180. For coming shopping with me
  181. For watching chick flicks with me
  182. For doing any girly things with me
  183. And for not complaining when doing things like that
  184. For always being interested in everything that I do
  185. The way we share each and every day together
  186. The way you would rather be with me than play xbox
  187. The way we joke about things
  188. For letting me tease you
  189. Just because you are you
  190. The way you call me babe
  191. The way you call me baby
  192. All of the cute names you call me
  193. The way if you stop calling me a name if I don’t like it
  194. The way you texted me every chance you got this summer
  195. For being with me for almost every single holiday
  196. For taking the chance to get to know me
  197. For walking into my life when I least expected it
  198. For picking me over anyone else
  199. The way you say I love you
  200. How you always know what I am going to say
  201. How you always know what I am thinking
  202. How you always know that something is bothering me
  203. How we always say the same things at the same exact time
  204. How we always seem to think of texting each other at the same moment
  205. How alike we are
  206. How both our favorite football teams are the Miami Dolphins
  207. How both our favorite baseball teams are the Red Sox
  208. How different we are
  209. How our differences still complement each other
  210. How you always know what to say
  211. For laughing at my blonde moments
  212. How you put statuses up on facebook about us even when your friends tease you
  213. How your profile picture is always of us
  214. How you comment on everything of mine
  215. Your touch
  216. Just being with you
  217. How cute you look when I tickle you
  218. How cute you look when you’re sleeping
  219. That mischievous look you get in your eye
  220. How I can tell when you are lying
  221. How bad of a liar you are
  222. When you surprise me
  223. How respectful you are
  224. Your personality
  225. How you would never flirt with any other girl
  226. How you tell me I’m the only girl for you
  227. How you can always reassure me
  228. How we can talk without even saying a word
  229. How you always wonder what is on my mind
  230. The way you strive to be the best in everything that you do
  231. How you still act like a kid
  232. How you don’t like to drink that much
  233. How you don’t smoke
  234. How you don’t do any drugs
  235. How you don’t want a tattoo
  236. That you want the same things in life that I do
  237. How cute you are when you’re nervous
  238. How we tell each other our dreams every morning
  239. The game that we did every night when you were away at camp
  240. How you cried with me the day before you left for camp
  241. The way you helped me get through that summer without you
  242. The way you complete my life
  243. How you are always on my mind
  244. The way you say my name
  245. Your awful singing voice
  246. How complete I feel when you hold me
  247. One day away from you feels like an eternity
  248. The look in your eyes when you say I love you
  249. The way you make me realize my full potential
  250. The way you inspire me
  251. The way you make me anxious when I am waiting for the time I get to see you next
  252. You always give me something to look forward to
  253. The way we make a great team
  254. How sometimes you act like the girl when we cuddle
  255. That one day you will be my husband
  256. Each day I learn something new about you
  257. And how each day you learn something new about me
  258. How each day you give me one more reason to love you
  259. That you want to grow old with me
  260. That you want to build a house together one day
  261. The way you show your affection for me when we are in public
  262. The way you will make an amazing father one day
  263. The way that you are my biggest fan
  264. The way you give me massages
  265. How everyone can see how much we love each other
  266. Your confidence
  267. How you know what you want to do with your life
  268. The way your voice sounds on the phone
  269. The way you can be miles apart from me but just sitting on the phone and not talking and  it makes it feel like you are right there with me
  270. How much you trust me
  271. The way your hand always finds mine
  272. The way you apologize even if it’s over something silly
  273. You tell me if you don’t like something about me
  274. The way you make our relationship so easy
  275. How every time I look at you, you take my breath away
  276. The way we finish each other’s sentences
  277. The fact that your mine
  278. The way you will never ever give up on me
  279. The fact that I will love you for the rest of my life
  280. The way you are never boring
  281. The way we play fight
  282. Even when I am grumpy you still love me
  283. If we are together we can do anything
  284. You never make fun of me in a mean way
  285. The way you make me feel like I have never felt before
  286. The way you make me feel safe
  287. How you never want to stop kissing me
  288. The way you make me smile even if I am sad
  289. The way you say you’re sorry
  290. Our inseparable bond
  291. The way you challenge me
  292. Your love for dogs
  293. How cute we are together
  294. The way you look at me
  295. The way you say I love you
  296. How thoughtful you are
  297. Because you are the best person to ever come into my life
  298. The thought of you makes me smile
  299. You make me happy every second of every day
  300. How you can make me happy without even doing anything
  301. The way that your happiness equals my happiness
  302. The way your mood affects my mood
  303. When you kiss my forehead
  304. The way you kiss me when I get hurt
  305. The way you hold me like you never want to let me go
  306. How the littlest things make you happy
  307. The way you look to the future yet appreciate the present
  308. The way you appreciate the little things
  309. How understanding you are
  310. How your hugs do make everything better
  311. The way that everything I do makes me think of you
  312. The fact that laughing is 10x more fun when you are around
  313. How the stars shine a little brighter when you around
  314. How even when you are angry you are still adorable
  315. Your goofy grin
  316. The way you sometimes stick out your tongue
  317. How your kisses lift me up to a place where I belong
  318. How your heart is my real home
  319. Without you I wouldn’t be able to feel
  320. The way you make my heart break out into song
  321. Your heartbeat
  322. The way your heart plays my favorite melody
  323. How you love all of my flaws
  324. How it feels like a day not seeing you is a day wasted from my life
  325. The way I can’t sleep at night unless I know you are safe
  326. How I never believed in love at first sight until you walked through the door
  327. How good we get along
  328. You make me feel like I have never felt before
  329. The way you hold the key to my heart
  330. You always say what I need to hear
  331. You tell me the truth
  332. And you’re always honest even if it hurts
  333. You would do anything to stop me from getting hurt
  334. How when I cry it gives you the worst feeling in the world
  335. How I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you
  336. The way you mean everything to me
  337. How I can look into your eyes and see your heart
  338. Being with you makes me feel like I can defy the whole world
  339. Your little memory box
  340. How you keep little mementos of everything we have done
  341. Your intelligence, because you were smart enough to fall in love with me
  342. How you never rush into anything
  343. How I can’t imagine a day without you in my life
  344. How you would move across the country just to be with me
  345. The way that my dreams are your dreams too
  346. How we can stay up all night just to talk
  347. How I thank god every day for letting you come into my life
  348. The way you inspire me to chase my dreams
  349. How you ask me for advice and actually take it
  350. Your just simply amazing
  351. I could kiss your lips all day long
  352. When you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while
  353. Your amazing just the way you are
  354. Two is better than one
  355. The way you sing to me
  356. The way you show your love for me
  357. The way you appreciate me
  358. The way you can make me feel like royalty
  359. How you make everything like a fairytale
  360. For everything you do and who you are
  361. How you always give me your honest opinion
  362. How you say whether something looks good on me or not
  363. How we are better together
  364. When I see you face there is not a thing that I would change
  365. You make me love you

DON'T JUDGE ME, I ADMIT I COPY THIS FROM THE INTERNET! But still, you have captivated my eyes for 365 days!



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