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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The reason why

Here are the reasons why.
1- Everytime I close my eyes, I could picture how your cheeckbones elevated when you smile.
2 - I can still smell your scent that lingers.
3 - Every moment spent, is stuck in my head, on repeat.
4 - You made it possible to go through any possible obstacle ahead.
5 - Your crooked smile flew me off the ground.
6 - Gosh, how I adore how those tiny little eyes.
7 - All the small things that matters. Hmm 

Each reason are for each day in a week. That keeps you in my eyes, the whole time.

& all of these reasons comes up to a point, that I am, hopelessly deeply stuck in ur love spell. Oh no 😅 And that is the reason why :)



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