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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hello mellow bellow yellow!
I hope everyone is fine.
Me? Better than ever. Been busy, flying to and fro. Here and there. 
After long hours of torturing, the last thing i wanna do is blogging.
No, was just kidding care bears 😅

Anyways, i am about to enter the last phase of my training. It should be soon till i get 2 stripes on my shoulder. Pray for me care bears!

I am literally committing a crime at this very instant, blogging while i'm supposed to bury myself in those piles of books. Once i'm done with my final line check, i'll update you guys ok care bears?

If you're in a Malindo Air (Subang) flight to local destinations in Malaysia, you might hear me giving announcements in flight. Muah muah care bears! 


maizatul suraya said...

ish.. tak sabar nak dengar myien buat announcement. ;)


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