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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Page 26 of 366 (2012)

Photobucket Tomorrow is the biggest day of my life.
I have waited 2 years for this day & it's finally happening.
I don't need any heartache to accompany me tomorrow.
Will be deleting everything by today.
I need a fresh mindset for tomorrow.
Photobucket I AM EXCITED FOR IT. Photobucket

Things are finally falling into place for 2012.
I had a great start, shitty days & then the good news came.
I've been thru shit & awesome days to get this far. 
& finally, that day is coming.
 In less than 24 hours.
I'll let you people know what it is all about when I've finally get it.


Till then, bye bye care bears Photobucket



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