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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Page 33 of 366 (2012)

 Haaaaa. Ya Allah baru la ada masa nak mengomel.
Busy gilossss past few days. Erghhh. 
I know, I know, I miss you too cupcakes! Photobucket
So this is what happened.
That "My big day" yang I've been telling u guys about is this..
The day I finally laid my hands on my own Commercial Pilot License. 

Myspace Dividers myspace graphics
Myspace Dividers myspace graphics

Kalau nak tulis what I have been thru till I get this far memang boleh tercabut jari menaip, tercabut bijik mata membaca, & silap-silap boleh menang award blog post paling panjang. LULZ.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HAHAHA, k berangan =.=" 
Anyway, I am the happiest girl on earth this pass few days. Everything fell perfectly in place. Everything. Got my hands on my new baby boyfie (sila rujuk gmbr di atas), finally found more cases for my baby boo, 
& I guess got my heart attached too. Photobucket
kikiki, ok now I is shy. Photobucket

Ok-ok dah. Sebelum korang muntah lagi baik beta undur diri.
Beta perlukan tido. It's 3 in the morning you know?
Babai people! Babai!! *lelambai lelaju* Photobucket

Boy, you're the cutest. Ever!



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