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Monday, January 23, 2012

Page 23 of 366 (2012)

Photobucket All this while, I've been dying to find a cute "pluggy" for my baby boo. Sebab nak prevent dari masuk habuk dalam tempat earphone tu. But sangat hampa when every shop I go, takde yang comel. So today I went to this one shop at Sg.Buloh, wanting to make it my own.

Found it, Photobucket and at a VERY VERY VERY cheep price. Yahooo Photobucket

 Paint the base blue, to make it look cute & yummy Photobucket
(There goes my nail polish)

Photobucket Took my sister's pink nail polish, for the yummy topping. 

& Taraaaaa !! It's almost doneee !! Photobucket
Sekarang tgh tunggu dia kering je then nak letak chocolate sparkles to make it look more real.
Tak sabar nak tunggu dia kering & letak kat baby boo.
Dah siap nanti I post pictures okeyh ??
Me nak go get ready nak pergi Uptown S.Alam Photobucket
Babai lovebirds Photobucket



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