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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Page 21 of 366 (2012)

Photobucket Was blog walking thru one of my fav blog. Came across this awesomely cute n attractive food she made. So yeah, I did tried it. It was delicious indeed. My mummy loved it, my sister... errr.. demand & complain as usual even-tho she did finished the whole bowl of it. -.-" LOL
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 Basically, it's just banana's which I've sliced. Put some chocolate dust all over the bananas. Some or should I say quite a lot of whipped cream & some cute2 color dusts as the toppings. Simple & easy to make & sangat la sedap! 
Boleh jadi tit bits sambil-sambil tengok tv. 

Made it for someone, he loved it! Well, that's what he told me la kan.

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Note to self & to others as well.
Appreciate what you have. Respect that person's decision.
There is no need for you to judge that person as a coward or what.
That person is willing to do anything to please you.
If that person won't do it, he/she has their own reason why.
This world is a cruel place sometimes, deal with it.

You have the chance or should I say spot that I have been dying to be in.
Some people are not as lucky as you are.
Why mess around & bringing out the things or points that could hurt people?
Why don't u embrace every moment with sparks?
Why don't you try fighting to keep what you have, & not throwing it away?

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Photobucket Ok, I guess I'm done crapping now. 
Till we meet again lovebirds.
InsyaAllah Photobucket



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