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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rehab flight.

Hello care bears!! It's 2:50 am right this very moment. But I am too overly joyed that I can't seem to wait to blog about yesterday. 

Anyway, long story short. I can't seem to be getting my flying on track this pass few weeks. Almost a month I think. I dunno I can't recall. Hence the fact that I keep coming back from flight crying & stress to the max. 

But today's (19/12/2014) flight, I call it a rehab flight. After almost a week not flying, I came to focus more on my work. I was terrified with my performance that it kept me awake most of the nights. But today I went for flight with a 50% confidence that is left with me.

& guess what. It was the best flight EVER!!! 😭😭😍😍

I was laughing through out the whole 4 sectors. The weather was freaking bad. But I had fun. Kareoke dalam flight, laughing & banyak lagi laaa. Hahahaha. Thanks to Capt. Awesome. Hahahaha. It was fun, real fun...

& for the first time ever since I'm flying an airline aircraft, I land so smoothly. With a 1.13 g meter, that is considered a freakingly smooth landing!! First time weyy, gimme some credits ok? Hahaha
"subway candle light dinner" - Capt. Awesome, 2014. #FL160
*weather was bad that we had to on the anti-icing level 3!*
*my lovely crews. Kesian my Fa's, 6 sectors kena kerah kerja. But still they managed to make our flight fun*

*A prove that I landed with 1.13 g-meter. Of course I couldn't do it without Capt. Awesome's guide but yeahh... For the first time nii. Even he was surprised & shock that he siap call my SFA kat belakang & said "best tak landing tadi?? Best tak landing tadi?? Sharmin land woooo!! Sharmin yang landdd!!"

Blushing terus aku kejap. Tak pernah smooth macam tu ahahahahah.

Anyway, that's all. I'm just plainly happy. That's all. I'm good now. Off to bed.

Signing off, Myien 😋



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