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Friday, October 11, 2013


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Photobucket There was a plane crash yesterday, at Kudat, Sabah.
Well when I first heard about the crash & it's a Maswing's plane,
the first thing I did was to call my bestfriend, A.

He picked up the phone so I was a little happy.
& he said it should be ok & it was his junior flying that plane.
mult.gif Cute Flowers image by kazphoto
mult.gif Cute Flowers image by kazphoto

The next thing I know was that the co-pilot of that flight, 
Second Officer Marc Joel Bansh
who was coma after the incident, passed away.
When I think of it, yes I have met him once or twice I can't remember
but I have never talked to him. Besides he was from Asia Pacific Flight Training.

But what ever it is, I still can feel the lost of a talented pilot.
You're free to fly for real this time Marc.
Rest in peace my friend.

mult.gif Cute Flowers image by kazphoto
"In aviation, it doesn't matter who you lost, they are the same as you, an aviator at heart"
To the rest of us, fly safe wherever you are



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