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Thursday, September 12, 2013


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As you can read from the tittle of this post,
I have a diversion decision to make, literally.
Last week, my mummy asked me a question.
A question that hit me, rock bottom, hard.
& that question kept me thinking.
It just won't get off my mind.

My mummy asked
"So now macam mana? 
Kakak nak amek dip/degree in Landscape Architecture tak?"

A question that got me thinking.
What do I really wanna be?
Where will I end up?

Yes, my passion towards flying has no boundaries.
I may not be as pro as the other guys & girls.
I don't really know about the type of aircraft, about the engine of one aircraft 
or maybe even the capacity of an aircraft.
But there is one particular reason why I'm in love with aviation.
It is just because I could do something that is beyond me.
For once, I did something that I never thought I could do.
& the urge to keep doing it never stops.

& every time I walk or travel or even look up to the sky,
I realize one thing..
I might have left my heart 20 thousand feet above the ground.

PhotobucketWell that is about flying.

But being a Landscape Architect has been my childhood dream job.
I wanna be as successful as my mother.
I wanna share the pain that she has to go through.
I want to bring out the best idea I could, for one project.
People might think that being a LA
is just planting trees & deciding which is nice and not.

But the truth is, the idea of creativity behind it.
It's the creativity that blends with it.
It's like, finally I can put my creativity to test.
& the relieve you will feel when you see the outcome
after those sleepless night & never ending deadlines.

I am really confused right now.
Drop dead confuse.

Pray for me loves.
I hope to be the best in everything I do.
I wanna make my parents proud of me.
That's all.

Till we meet again,



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