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Thursday, December 06, 2012


There are many possibilities in life that we've crossed thru in life. We never know what it'll be like if we did choose the other way in decisions. Like in my situation, I will never know if 4/5 years back, I disregard my mother's decision for sending me to a flying school. Maybe until now, I may never find that courage inside me, that I never knew I had all this while.

But today, I'm not gonna sit back & wonder what it'll be like if I take the other path around things. I would like to blog about the possibilities of finding that one true love. Well that's kindda what everyone is looking for am I right? Hahaha. Anyway, if we take a break & look back, we could see that there are many possibilities in life that we might have missed out. Have you ever wondered, being madly in love with that person sitting across the room? Have you ever think of it, that you might caught yourself falling in love with that person, staying just a few blocks away from ur crib? Or maybe, that person, together waiting for the train with you is your destiny? It could also be, that person you stalk on twitter. It could also be that person you've always adore all this while or might as well that person you always read his/her blog. (I know you'll be reading @SageHafiz :p ).

Anyway, regardless of all those possibilities you've stumbled upon, one thing I'm willing to share it here, in my blog. Honesty. Yes, that person might as well looking for an idle/perfect wife/husband in life. But guess what, if you're being honest to urself & to that someone, magic could happen. I'm not saying this because I am happily married or something. To be exact, i am still quite unsure of my decisions but starting from today, I'll try to keep my honesty as priority. if that person can keep up with your silly dance, ugly sleeping face, your freak-out-moment movements & stuffs, that person might be the one :).

We never know what is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. Don't be afraid, take a chance, as I said, magic could happen. Maybe, just maybe, some of us are going a little too fast. Stop, take a break & look around. You'll never know what you're missing out.

Good night care bears. That's all I have today. :*

With love,
Myien <3
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