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Monday, March 26, 2012

Page 86 of 366 (2012)

Photobucket Dedication to my ex.

mult.gif Cute Flowers image by kazphoto 

He was my night time thought I was his star
Guess I was wrong but see I'm strong
Won't take long for me to move on, ohhh

Please don't worry bout me I'm fine
Only gonna play the fool one time
Trust me when I say that I'll be ok
Go on boy, go on boy.

Oh, the mistake I made was clear
(We should have never been together)
That's the reason you're not here
not a single salty tear
not a feeling in my chest
boy I'm feeling no stress
I'm too far to be depressed.

mult.gif Cute Flowers image by kazphoto 

Thank you for those shit you put me thru.
It made me a stronger wiser person now.
I have nothing to prove to you but yes, you were right.
I am happier without you.
Thanks for the chance of letting me go.

Have a safe life ahead Mr "Pilot".
Wishing you all the best in what ever you do.
& yes, I do hope one day you'll find a girl that would take good care of you.
So long & goodbye! 





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